Letter from Don Luigi

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Dearest Friends of the Chiesa di Monastero,

    The Priest don Luigi Brigati and the entire parish community of Monastero-Gravago affirm and repeat their profound gratitude for the fundraising initiative for the structural recuperation of the Chiesa di Monastero, which your committee has promoted in March 2015, resulting in a considerable offer, sign of the punctual attention and great generosity on your behalf. 

    The current situation of “our” Church is one of declared instability for geological reasons already known to you; the immediate danger and consequent inhabitability have been evaded with the placement of appropriate support scaffolding to the triumphal arch, wanted by the zeal of the Priest. We are a community of an ever-diminishing number for reasons of aging and depopulation due to work-related reasons. Despite our fondness for the Chiesa di Monastero, constructed by our historic forebears and conserved, generation after generation, by our ancestors, always ready to donate, maintain, and support their parish, kept alive with faith and deeds, we alone are not able to bear self-financed projects for the consolidation and the structural restoration of the church-rectory complex. As it was already noted, the Superintendence for the protection of cultural heritage and historical buildings of worship did not provide funds for us. 

    Given the urgent necessity for appropriate restoration works, and the prior project analysis of a special Commission of geologist, engineer and architect, we kindly submit a hopeful request for an additional collective offer, as your organization already planned through a benefit dinner dance. From our part, other than thanking you all in a most heartfelt way, there is the task of keeping you all informed of the progression of works we hope to begin promptly; we will also inform of the expense report of the different stages of intervention. 

    Furthermore, the last Sunday of September, the feast of San Michele Archangel, patron of the Chiesa di Monastero, and the feast of the harvest, starting this year will be celebrated as the feast of all the emigrants of Gravago to all the places in the world they reached and honored with their work. We always remember you all in the prayer intentions of the mass, but, with this day dedicated to you all, we wish to interpret and bless the strong bond between each of you and your homeland, as is clear from your letters and every form of communication that today makes us feel closer because we share sentiments, memories and intents. 


We sent greetings, good wishes and immense thanks.

The Priest don Luigi Brigati and the parish community