Our Mission                             

Dear Friends,                                                                                 

La Chiesa di Monastero dates back to 650 AD and is where many of us celebrated our Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations and Weddings. Although we are 4,100 miles away, it holds a special place in our hearts and welcomes us back when we return to visit family and friends.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, a landslide that occurred in the vicinity of the church caused substantial structural damage to the flooring, the arch above the altar, as well as its columns. For the safety of its parishioners, the church was closed on September 20th, 2012. The parish of Gravago commissioned a general survey to determine the cause of the structural issues. From November 2013 through February 2014, several geological and structural surveys have been completed and a protective reticular scaffolding has been erected above the altar, allowing the reopening of the church.

With your financial assistance, we hope to restore the church for future generations to enjoy. For a detailed report regarding the structural issues, please click here.